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Hallett Retail
Wendy Hallett
Wendy Hallett

About Us

Founded by Wendy Hallett MBE and successfully trading since 1999, Hallett Retail was set up to solve the problem for the high street retailer who had retail space to fill and for the smaller brand or supplier who lacked the contacts or retail service in order to trade on the high street.

Two problems solved by one solution: Hallett Retail; The concessions people.

Our core business model is about taking multiple brands and trading these across many high street retailers both in store and online.

The success of our unique concessions concept lies in the fact that customers, stores, suppliers and employees find it mutually beneficial.

Store Retail, Web Retail and Warehouse Services Offered Include:

  • Store set-up
  • POS and shop floor layout
  • Product distribution to store
  • Store retail management
  • Customer services
  • Sales reporting
  • Stock management
  • Visual merchandising
  • Customer Fulfilment
  • Returns handling
  • Shipping
  • Pre-retail processing
  • Product advice
  • Trade analysis
  • Photographic services
  • Stock take
  • Query handling

The one point of contact that Hallett Retail offers makes the experience streamlined for the retailer and allows the brand to focus on what they are good at – Product.


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