Product Categories

Product Categories

We are fortunate to be working with a large commercial portfolio of brands across a broad range of product categories, age demographics and fashion types. This has been developed over the many years in which we have traded. We are constantly monitoring the run way and product offers in order to build and develop our brand offer. we are constantly scouting for new brands to provide a competitive advantage for retail partners.

Our current offer includes the following:

Womenswear Apparel

  • Young womenswear fashion (18 to 30 age range)
  • Contemporary womenswear fashion (25 to 45 age range)
  • Evening-wear, party and occasion
  • Women’s outerwear
  • Plus sized fashion
  • Ladies fashion swimwear
Women's Wear Apparel

Menswear Apparel

  • Formal menswear
  • Casual menswear 
Hallett Retail Menswear Apparel Services

Womenswear Jewellery

  • Classical designs
  • Costume designs
  • Watches
  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings 
  • Many material variations
  • Occasionwaer – engagement, wedding, christening
Hallett Retail Women's Jewellery concessions

Womens Swimwear

  • Classical styles and categories
  • Durable styles
  • Wide range of body-fitting styles
  • Contemporary designs
  • Variation of materials
Hallett Retail Swimwear

Mens and Womens Outerwear

  • Wide array of styles for different occasions 
  • Durable designs
  • Classic and contemporary styles
  • Large selection of sizes and fits
  • Variation of materials

Womens Activewear

  • Classic and contemporary styles
  • Wide range of fits and sizes
  • Durable clothing for multiple types of activity
  • Large collection of colours and designs
  • Casual styles for comfort 
Active Wear