How It Works

How It Works

Once you have made the decision to work with us, we follow a tried and tested and trusted on boarding process to get your product live online effectively and the order fulfilment process running smoothly.
1. I.T Integration. Our developers work with you to integrate your web platform to our warehouse management system. this is a seamless process involving data mapping and upload of inventory records in order that the order fulfilment is an automated process.
2. Goods In (receiving). Your pre-booked product is received into designated goods in zones in our warehouse before we check quantities, perform QC checks, attach bar codes and make ready for putaway into a pick face location. If your product is pre-barcoded, we will ensure that all products are compliant to ensure we can process your stock quickly and accurately.
3. Product Photography. If required we can photograph your product according to your style guides and specification. We employ skilled photographers and stylists specialising in photography for e-commerce to maximise you conversion rates. Photography Studio
4. Warehouse and Storage. We then put your product into one of four types of location
    • Pick Storage – small items
    • Locked Pick storage – small high value items such as jewellery
    • Hanging Storage – hanging garments
    • Bulk Pallet or Long Shelve Storage
5. Stock Take. We carry out perpetual inventory checks to ensure stock accuracy and ensure your product is held in good condition. We carry out regular ranging analysis to provide visibly of rate of sale.

6. Pick and Pack. Using our bar code scanning technology , our fully trained operatives are able to pick and pack your product quickly and accurately all on the same day that the order was received. The software guides the picker to the correct location, confirms that the correct item has been scanned and is picked. The order is then taken to a packaging station where the order is assembled, packed and the correct courier selected for shipping. We us packaging , packing slip and shipping labels that are customised to your requirements, which means your customer sees your company handling the end to end process.

7. Shipping. We offer a variety of courier methods depending on your requirements and because we ship hundred of thousands of orders every year, we can pass onto you our preferential rates on postage. We offer a number of delivery options including: Standard (1 to 3 working day), next day overseas and ship to store (click and collect)
8. Returns Management. As retailers ourselves we understands that returns cans be a significant, time-consuming and costly issue for companies trading online; that is why we offer rapid returns processing as well as returns elimination by ensuring stock sent to the customers is never damaged or incorrect. Our returns processing service includes:

    • QC and Retail Compliance
    • Garment Inspection
    • Hand Pressing
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Re-barcode and Relabel
    • Re-bagging and Reboxing

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