What Is Order Fulfilment?

What Is Order Fulfilment?

Order Fulfilment is the process of receiving into our warehouse your products, which are then systemised into our WMS (Warehouse Management System) and stored into clean, secure pick locations before the customer order is received onto your website. 

The order is then picked for location, packed into packaging of your choice and finally delivered to your customer using one of our shipping partners. The process also includes the handling of any returns form your customers and ensuring that these, once compliant are put away again quickly so that they can be resold.

The whole process ensures that your customers receive goods on time and in excellent condition and that you benefit from quick product turnaround to maximise the return on your stock investment.

Order Fulfilment Hallett Retail Logistics

Order Fulfilment Steps

The steps in the order fulfilment process are as follows:

STEP 1 Goods in (receiving) You send your stock to us using either your own courier or one of ours.
STEP 2 Product photography Using our onsite photographic studio, we can photograph your product if you do not want to do this yourself.
STEP 3 Warehousing and storage We upload your inventory onto our WMS and put it away in secure locations.
STEP 4 Pick and pack The order on receipt is picked from location and packed into packaging of your choice.
STEP 5 Shipping Our couriers collect the goods from our warehouse and despatch to your customer
STEP 6 Returns management Incoming customer returns are quality checked, re-bagged and put away for resale.

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