Part of the online challenge is ensuring stock throughput is manageable. We work with our customers to clear stock groups:

  • Aged/end of season stock
  • End of line or cancelled orders
  • Plus size up to size 32
  • Faulty stock or incorrectly sized stock
  • Samples and individual pieces in volume or some quantities
  • Ex-store clearance
  • Sensitive treatment of stock: We clear stock out of the UK and near Europe so brands do not have problems with existing UK and European distributors of their brand
  • We clear stock through multiple channels which allows us to give the best prices to the brands and processing customers.

Hallett Retail Logistics also offers a comprehensive reverse and returns solution for the online fashion retailer which includes:

  • Courier return
  • Garment inspection to specification
  • Re-labelling, security tagging and barcoding
  • Scan the item returned
  • Re bag – back to sale within client’s required timescale
  • Garment steaming (where required)
  • Hand press / ironing
  • Spot cleaning


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